This is the 'world wide web', just how 'world wide' are the visitors to your web site?
With our FREE Web Visitor Map you can see this very easily...

Each visitor is represented by a indicator on the capital city of their country.
The current visitor is indicated in green (That's you!).

We use Geolocation / GeoIP to translate the visitors IP address into a geographical location.

The VISIVIS Web Visitor Map shows a real-time mapping of the current visitor to your web site.
With previous visitors also indicated on your map, this shows how global your visitors really are.

We scroll through the names of each of the countries this site has previously been visited from,
highlighting the capital city of each one on the map as we do so.

A selection of colours for the area above and below the map are available.

The VISIVIS map can be added to a website by adding a single line of HTML code.
To get your own VISIVIS map click here, it's free, gratis!

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